About me

Hi, I’m Amy!
I am passionate about encouraging self-care and wellness. In this chaotic, busy and immediate world we live in; time flies. Often we fail to take good care of ourselves. We don’t take time to notice what is really around us, to hear what people are really saying. We are always looking to the next deadline, the next task. Family life is busy; school runs, chores, managing the home.

Whilst we can’t get away from daily life challenges, I believe it’s important to factor in time to take care of you. We shouldn’t be on the go all the time, sometimes we need to stop.

There is a well-documented increase in mental health issues in the population, across all age ranges. I had my own tete a tete with mental health, which I have now learnt to manage. Health related anxiety became the bane of my life some years ago. I went through all sorts of emotions trying to get rid of it; frustration, anger, sadness, embarrassment.

Through my experiences and exposure to education and expertise from many wellbeing fields, my philosophy has grown to fully appreciate the power of self care and to appreciate more than ever the value of eating well and exercising regularly that will enable me to have the energy to support my personal needs.


Keeps me grounded, in the moment, challenged, strong and calm. Encouraging movement and stillness.


Keeps me grateful, still, inquisitive and calm.

Sports massage

Keeps my body free from injury, relaxed and able to move.


Keeps me creative, it empties my mind and helps me explore.

Ten Things I Love


Cutting & Sticking

Sweet Peas


A Good Book


Crow Pose


The Sea


“The bird sitting in the tree is never afraid of the branch breaking for her trust is not in the branch but in her wings.”

All the services I offer form part of my own self-care. My goal with all I offer is to rebalance your mind and body, so you can be the very best of you.

So that is me! Please get in touch if you have any enquiries. It would be great to hear from you, just say Hi if you like! You can also sign up to my monthly newsletter and connect through Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

I look forward to hearing from you.

Amy x

My motivation. My world. My team 🙂