Happy New Year!

Well yet again a massive amount of time has passed since my last post. I have to stop writing that. It is boring me, so it must be boring you! When I last wrote I was talking about mindfulness, the beauty which is around us that we so often miss. I challenged you to take photos if you wanted to, to record those moments. No explanation needed, just what you noticed.

I realised when I was doing this, how hard it was to take the photo. Sometimes because it wasn’t appropriate, but mostly because often what I saw wasn’t captured in the picture in the same way that I saw it. Does that happen to you? Maybe I need a lesson in photography! Anyway here are some of my mindful moments.


There are other ways to be mindful. It is about finding what resonates with you. It is about tuning in to your senses; touch, scent, seeing, listening or smell.  I use scent to try and help my anxiety.

I am a Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant, for those of you that haven’t come across their products you really should search out your local consultant and test the products. They are organic and pure, there are no nasties in the products, they aren’t harmful to the planet or humans! One of my favourite scents is Neal’s Yard Remedies Calming blend, it is a mix of bergamot, mandarin, Roman chamomile and lavender essential oils. Mixing it with an organic, unscented cream, massaging it into my hands, then cupping my hands over my nose and mouth and really inhaling the scent helps settle my anxiety, slows my heart rate, relaxes me. Try it. Find a scent or hand cream you love and really smell the fragrance. Can you pick out a particular aroma? What do you like about it? How does it make you feel? Where does it take you?

Scent is powerful isn’t it? Perfumes can remind you of a certain person. They can transport you to another time, another place. The smell of freshly cut grass takes me back to summers when I was younger. The smell of freshly baked bread makes me feel warm, and cosy. I’ve even experienced the catching the scent of my late Gran’s perfume, when I was doing a half marathon in the town where she used to live. That was comforting and familiar. What do scents do for you? Maybe there is a scent that gives you feelings of happiness, calmness, comfort?

I’ll leave you on that thought. See if it can help you. I alway like to hear your thoughts on my posts and to know if they help you in any way. Have a mindful week. Thanks for reading x