If you asked a group of people their opinion of snow days, I’m pretty sure the answers you would get would be mixed! I was lucky enough to know that everyone I care about was safely tucked up in their snug houses, whilst some 24-48 hours of the white stuff put paid to everyday life. We measured 15cm of snow in the back garden, it looked really beautiful at 10pm on Thursday. So bright with the moon and the snow. Nearly no need for the street lamps.

I have been saying for ages, how I just need two days to catch up on life……well what do you know! Mother Nature was obviously listening! The snow has pretty much all disappeared, the sun is out and I seem to have caught up, and, dare I say, got some order!

I have managed to cross so many things off my list, although as we all know, and begrudgingly accept, a to-do-list is never a done list! I’m interested to see how my anxiety fares this week, knowing that I am on top things!  I know that the pressures I have are mostly self inflicted, but I know also that if I feel overwhelmed by them then that tends to spark my anxiety. So lets see what the week holds.


Sorry for any inconvenience

My proactive snow days also allowed me some ME time; yesterday my daughter and I spent the afternoon on our bullet journals. Embracing my creative outlet, getting a plan for March, relieving stress and spending time with one of my girls! Bliss. And no feelings of guilt either. Guilt! There is a topic for another blog (just noted that in my new bullet journal section “future blogs”!)

What I also noted is just how much we need days like that. Days where things stop; we allow ourselves to reboot, catch up or take the time to indulge ourselves with our favourite hobbies, be it journalling, knitting, watching the birds or getting cozy with that book you have been meaning to read. (I even managed to list the books I would like to read!) I wonder how possible it is to factor in one day a month like this? Obviously minus the snow! It’s maybe something to think about.

Now, my mini task is stay on top of the order. It’s 6am on Monday morning, so I’ve started well! Let’s see what the week holds!