Have you seen that picture, I think it’s on greetings cards where there is a picture of two heads; one with an unravelled, knotted ball of wool or string, and the other where the string/wool is in a line, in order, straight, tidy? I’ve looked for the picture but I can’t find it. One of my biggest stressors, and I think lots of people are the same, is that we give ourselves so much to do. My head is often in that state of an unravelled, knotted ball of wool, with heaps of things on my list, but no order in which to do them. I know for a fact that that does not help any anxious or negative feelings. So my aim is to unravel the wool, undo the knots and turn it into a tidy, ordered ball of wool. Weird analogy or good one?!?!

How? I’m not saying this is the total cure…..But…….I have discovered bullet journals, or for those in the know BuJo’s. They are brilliant! I think they provide therapy and order in one happy notebook. Mine gives me an avenue to be creative, write my beloved lists, note down thoughts, ideas and just stuff! It’s also a great excuse to buy a new notebook! Even at 40, I still LOVE stationary!!

Your bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be. The therapy of it comes from being creative, colourful. It provides me with time to be mindful. It also acts as tracker for my workouts, yoga and meditation; all the coping strategies I use for my anxiety. I can rate my anxiety, how its been, look for patterns. I write down my inspirational quotes, memories and gratitudes.

But as well as that I have a place to write my lists, plan my ongoing projects, manage life! I have a monthly overview, a weekly page and a daily page. A page where I can write down all the tasks I need to do today. It helps bring a bit of order and control. Gradually the ball of wool is unravelling and starting to look more organised. There is no right or wrong way to make a BuJo, the only way is your way.

My top tips to get started;

  1. Check out Pinterest – indulge in the amazing bullet journal ideas
  2. Take the ideas that resonate with you, and make them your own
  3. Buy your own notebook – its cheaper that a pre made bullet journal and it allows you to be creative – thats part of the therapy!
  4. Trial and error – I’ve changed my pages, and sections as I discover what I need from my Bujo.
  5. Have fun – my daughter and I have healthy banter about who’s pages are the best!

Let me know how you go!

Happy Bujo-ing!x