Today is World Mental Health Day. A day to get everyone talking about mental health, something we should really be doing every day. A day to keep trying to reduce the stigma attached to having mental health difficulties.

I’ve talked a lot on my blog about my mental health. Health related anxiety, with a sprinkle of generalised anxiety disorder. It took me a long time to talk to anyone outside my closest family and friends about this anxiety because to me anxiety was a weakness, something to be embarrassed about. I thought it was only me who struggled with it and I didn’t want anyone else to know.

Once I started talking to others about how I felt, the responses I got weren’t negative, judgemental or uncaring, they were understanding, empathetic and often people either had been or were in the same boat of struggle.  Unfortunately more and more of us are struggling with a whole variety of mental health issues, it’s so important to know that you aren’t alone.

This is one of the reasons I started blogging; to help others who struggle with an anxiety disorder. Finding coping strategies, ways of keeping the severe anxiety at bay. I am grateful that after years of anxiety, I think I have it under control. Don’t get me wrong I know its maybe there, lying in wait, but hopefully it will stay there. I manage my mental health with good self care, talking, blogging and helping others. For me CBT was amazing, and I’d highly recommend it. It’s finding the strategies that work for you, everyone is different and it’s important to remember that!

For today, and everyday, if you want to help it’s important to get people talking, giving them your time, tell them it’s ok, be kind. If you are struggling in silence, please talk to someone. It’s ok not to be ok. It’s brave and shows strength to talk about what scares you most. Be kind to yourself.

My blog is there for everyone. Please comment, share your strategies or share with someone you think might benefit.

Much love x