Day 9 – Writing

Free writing is a brilliant self-care practice. I love writing anyway, that’s half the reason that I blog. It’s a way of getting things out of your head on to paper. The only person who sees it is you so it doesn’t matter what you write or how you write. There’s no judgement. No one is testing your grammatical or linguistic ability.

It’s just you, your pencil and your notebook. In fact you can write on whatever you want – scrap paper, expensive notebook, receipt, cereal packet. You can keep it or throw it!

Try just writing what comes into your head. It might be a masterpiece in the waiting or just the same word repeated over and over.

I was going to tell you about a few of my enteries but actually that’s not the point. It’s a form of therapy just for you! There is a great book “49 ways to write yourself well” – if this suggestion interests you, pick it up! It’s great. Enjoy writing.