I had one of those “YES” moments today. I am thinking there are some wide eyed, “oh really” expressions to that opening sentence! But not like that!

It’s rare that as a three, my daughters and I find something that we are all interested in. As I told you last week, one of my favourite anxiety busters is Yoga. I took them along to a class at the start of the holidays, and they are both addicted. Well….not quite addicted, but they both LOVE it. So much so that we have decided to continue it once they go back to school in September.

Honestly I’m so chuffed for different reasons. I think if they can get into yoga at a young age, it will stand them in good stead for the future, physically and mentally. Learning how to use the breath to ease stress, learning how to focus the mind, giving them confidence, and making them physically strong.

I also love that we can do something together, without sibling rivalry! Being together but in our own space at the same time. I love the little nods that we give each other during the class, or the little giggles that we throw at each other! It’s precious.

This post stems from one of those moments today. We had done a tough pose and afterwards lay on our tummies, using our hands as pillow for our heads. I happened to look to my left and see both the girls in a totally relaxed state, eyes closed, not thinking about anything, just being in the moment. I wanted to freeze that moment, jump up and say “can I just take a picture”. But instead I photographed it in my head! It was just great!


I decided to reenact, not the moment, but the picture when we got home. They both seemed pretty chilled in that position with the gorgeous sun beating down on them! How amazing does that sky look? My Japanese Anemones (the white flowers) look pretty lush too. Now gardening….that’s a topic for next time maybe!

Enjoy the moments x