Create a life you love


The question I get asked most when I tell people I’m a coach is “what do you coach?”. It took me a while to know how to answer this question.

One of the best known coaching descriptions is that “coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth”. I believe this is valid for any good coach; a coach doesn’t teach or tell, they hold space and give time for you to find the skill, knowledge and answers already within you.

I aim to hold that space, allow you the time to explore and discover; whilst being your cheerleader along the way.

So what do I coach? You, in creating a life that you can get excited about and a life that you love. I coach you through whatever life decisions, dreams and opportunities that come your way.

How can coaching help?

We are usually introduced to coaching when things aren’t going your way or through times in our life when we feel stuck, unmotivated not really sure of the direction our life is travelling in. Coaching could help you if you are :


Feeling stuck, unmotivated, or lacking purpose and direction.

Going through midlife changes.
This could be either within the family or within you. Imagine being better equipped to navigate midlife with calm and control.

Looking to create better wellbeing habits.
There is so much in our lives that we can’t control, but taking charge of looking after ourselves should be a non negotiable. Giving ourselves the best chance for good mental and physical health is a must. But where to start?


Wanting to get to know yourself better, or again.
As a parent sometimes we lose our identity. You are so and so’s mum/dad/guardian, and what an honour that is; but who are you? What drives you, what lights you up, what are your dreams, what are your values, what beliefs hold you back, How do you really feel about yourself? The world around you? What do you want to change, what do you want to do more of? How are you going to make the best of this life? How are you hoping to create a life you love?

Do you know what, maybe you are there; maybe you have created a life you love. If you have I’m celebrating with you. Be grateful for the moments, but never stop growing, never stop thriving.

Coaching allows you time and space away from the demands of life to explore you and your world – as it stands and the future. Coaching can give you clarity, focus, a vision, a plan, a direction.

As your coach I aim to hold a safe space.
Give you time to think, process, explore, discover, laugh, cry.
Help empower you to be able to self coach with tools, techniques so you navigate the rest of your life with ease and resilience.
And I will be supportive, challenging, empathetic, honest and your cheerleader.

How To Work With Me

Thrive Tribe

Receive weekly emails full of joyful information and / or sign up to the Facebook group.

Power Hour

A one hour session giving you time and space to explore something you want to change or that’s on your mind.


This package comprises six sessions of 75 minutes, meeting every two to three weeks either in person or remotely.


A six month investment in yourself – includes 6x 75 minute 1:1 coaching, vision board masterclass, 2x 1hr 1:1 accountability sessions & oodles of online support.

Grow & Thrive

Group coaching sessions.
Coming in 2024.


Coaching package.
Coming in 2024.