Coaching Packages


The Clarity Package aims to give you just that! Clarity; on what you want, on where you want to go, on how to get there!

We will have six or three sessions of 75 minutes, meeting every two to three weeks* either in person or remotely. The regular sessions create a flow in your growth and discovery, as well as consistency and accountability. You will also have WhatsApp contact with me between sessions and access to the Thrive Tribe.

*experience and feedback has shown 2/3 weeks between sessions to be effective. Flexibility of course will be exercised.

“I found Amy’s life coaching sessions which I undertook in the summer of 2023 rewarding, interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable. Amy’s approach allowed me to take charge of the subject content for each of the sessions and was focused around goals that I set at the start of the process. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss a wide range of things and Amy’s approach allowed me to consider lots of issues without being constraining, but at the same time was focussed enough that I was able to make progress towards my stated goals. Amy proved excellent at listening, clarifying what she thought she was hearing from me and then asking astute questions for me to consider. I also felt completely at ease in all of the sessions and that it was truly a “safe space” where I could raise most things and feel comfortable in doing so. I’d recommend to anyone the chance to work with Amy.”


What happens in the  sessions?

These sessions are all about you and your life. You can set goals, discover your values, explore your beliefs, understand what’s holding you back, get to know yourself deeper and begin to create a life you love. And I am here to help! Clarity encourages better decision making, more confidence and more calm. Sounds inviting doesn’t it?

Before your sessions begin and before you invest I’d like to invite you for a chat! By booking your chemistry call (I prefer “nice to meet you” call), you can ask me any questions, and we can get to know each other a little more. The twenty minutes call is of course free of charge, and if during the call you are happy to invest in the Clarity Package we can book our first session.

Investment : £690 for six or £345 for three

Book Your Chemistry Call

Let’s get to know each other a little!


We might already know each other!