Maximise Employee Wellbeing


My research has shown that employee wellbeing has been moved higher up the agenda in business, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. It’s no secret that numbers of people with poor mental health has increased exponentially. Providing good wellbeing services for employees has many benefits to both the staff member and the business.

By looking after employee wellbeing, staff loyalty, happiness, productivity, morale and job satisfaction will improve; whilst absenteeism, presenteeism and stress will all reduce. Incorporating good, authentic and creative wellbeing practices will encourage a positive culture and an energising environment. Employee wellbeing is an essential part of a good business, but I know none of this will be news to you.

At Amy Blythe Wellness & Coaching I offer a creative variety of effective solutions to help improve employee mental and physical wellbeing. Everyone is different, and different things resonate with different people. The range of services that I am able to offer can be tailored to your organisational needs.

Here is what I offer :

Coaching for Happy, High Performers

Wellbeing is the state of feeling happy and healthy, which means different things need to be put in place for different people. Coaching allows the client time and space to explore and identify where they are in their journey, and where they would like to go to create the best version of their self and to be a happy, high performer. We work together to empower and inspire the client to take positive and meaningful steps forward. Creating better work/life balance, creating good wellbeing habits and practices, personal and professional growth, physical wellbeing and allowing themselves to thrive can be addressed through coaching.

I offer a monthly Coaching Clinic or something more bespoke for your business.

Yoga Memberships

Yoga for me is about moving the body and stilling the mind. Movement is the song for the body; it is a basic human requirement; yet we find ourselves increasing sedentary with office jobs and Netflix! Our minds are constantly on the go; moving from one chore to the next, thinking about the next before we’ve even completed the task in hand. So I encourage movement and stillness in my 45 minutes sequences. I aim to be fully inclusive of all levels of ability.

I teach yoga online and face-to-face and have created a library of on-demand yoga and relaxation.

Team Building and Goal Setting

Vision Boards are creative, fun, insightful and powerful. They can be used as tools for clarity, focus and planning; and maybe most importantly dreaming big!

The Workshops allow participants to have space and time to think about what they really want in their life. They can be used for a particular life area for example work or wellbeing, or they can be used to focus on all life areas. It can be a great team building activity.

Vision Board Workshops are usually 6 hours but can be adapted.

Team Wellness Retreat

My Wellness Day retreats aim to give attendees time and space to just be. To nourish their body, mind and spirit, through yoga, yin yoga, breath work, mindfulness, journalling and nature.

The Wellness Day allows attendees to reconnect with their self, to slow down, to build self-awareness and to have space to think. Retreat days are usually 6 hours, but can be adapted for Wellbeing in Work Days.

Wellness Workshops/Webinars

I have delivered wellness workshops and webinars for a number of companies. The topics have ranged from the importance of self-care, to how to improve sleep, to mindfulness and relaxation.

I simply enjoy sharing what I have learnt about wellbeing practices and providing ideas and guidance to support others’ wellness journeys. This service can be developed to create bespoke workshops tailored to your organisation.