I am a member of a group on Facebook full of entrepreneurial, inspiring, determined women. Often the posts are asking others opinions on logos, business names, business ideas. It’s a place of business support, advice and networking. I’ve read, and got involved with lots of the posts on this page so thought I’d try my own post.

Occasionally, when I am on an anxiety free day I get that feeling of total and utter contentedness. Where you feel complete and happy and grateful. Sometimes it comes from nowhere and other times it’ll be from doing something that I know lifts me and makes me feel content. I asked the ladies in this group what things lifted them to that place. Here are the responses I got, maybe you can identify with them or maybe these suggestions will help you find your happy place.

  • Music and essential oils, particular ones that are personal to me
  • Good book and good music
  • Exercise, music, reading books, date night with my hubby, me time, cuddles in bed with my girls and hubby when we don’t have to rush anywhere
  • Dance party with the kids and meditation
  • Quiet time in nature
  • Weighted blanket
  • Dancing or crafting or playing the piano
  • Trees, nature, mountains, walking on the beach
  • Gratitude stone reminds me to be grateful each day for the things and people in my life. This lady’s four year old has a crystal that she already uses as a gratitude stone. I love this. Teaching our children to be grateful for what they have in their little lives surely has to be a good thing. I love the idea of a gratitude stone. I have a couple of crystals that stay in my bag. If I’m feeling anxious, holding the crystal and focusing on how the crystal feels can help settle me a little. Certainly when I fly I have a crystal in hand and rub the hell out of it so as not to think too much about the flight!
  • Mind dump. writing until your hand hurts or your brain is empty
  • A nap
  • Going to the beach
  • Time with friends talking about nothing
  • Chocolate and tranquility
  • Calmness of my morning cycle, a winding path next to the river, through the park, between the trees. My journey prepares me for a high voltage day in the city
  • Staring at the clouds moving
  • Deep breathing
  • Going for a drive and singing loudly to my music
  • Shopping
  • Walking barefoot the grass, smelling perfume/herbs/flowers
  • Laughing with my husband and son
  • Grounding myself – barefoot in the grass/dirt/sand
  • Pets
  • Yoga
  • Doing something kind for someone
  • Turning off my phone. Disconnect to reconnect
  • Bubble bath
  • Set a pomodoro timer and get one job done that I’m not motivated to do. This is a time management technique that I had to Google. I might just be writing a piece on this in the future.

What did you think to the list? Are there suggestions there that made you say “oh yeah, I get that!” or maybe new ideas that you like and could try? I like the variety of the suggestions. Whilst lots are quite calming activities, slowing the body and mind down, you also get the more vigorous suggestions. I love the lady who either has a dance party with her children or she meditates. Total opposites, but both have their place depending on what her body and mind are telling her.

I want to thank all the ladies who took the time to comment and give their suggestions. To those of you who said that you suffer with anxiety, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and I hope that even in some small way, my writing will help ease your mind.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to make contact and let me know your thoughts on the blog, the post or anxiety or even better just say Hi! x