Today is World Mental Heath Day. You only have to search #worldmentalhealthday on social media to find  loads of supportive posts urging people talk about mental health. When I started this blog I decided I wasn’t going to promote it too much; I hoped people would just stumble across it in their moment of need. Naive I know. I read a stat last week about the number of blogs on the internet. The number was so big, I can’t even remember it! So with today being the day it is, I’ve decided to make myself super vulnerable and go public. The aim after all is to help others deal with their anxiety, but hoping someone will stumble across it isn’t going to achieve that! If I help one person, I’ve achieved my first goal.

So let’s get talking about mental health. There are some great charities and individuals out there waiting to support you and talk through their experiences to show you that you aren’t alone. Please feel free to contact me through Anxiety Angel. I’m here to help. We can beat this together.

Happy talking xx