Day 8 – Being Outdoors

Being stuck indoors all day can be pretty grim. So being outdoors seems another simple way to be kind to yourself and lift your mood. Fresh air is certainly good for the soul.

Sea air is without doubt my favourite, definitely on a blustery day. Blowing the cobwebs away.

Coastal, moorland, any green space, even just a walk around the block. They all have their place. Outside is a great place to practice lots of my self-care suggestions; mindfulness, running, walking meditation, breathing meditation.

Being out in nature is good for the soul, connects you to the earth and the natural world. Gardening; and (when successful) nurturing plants and vegetable, watching them grow, watching them change season to season.

Moving away from your desk or screen, and taking a quick walk around the block gives you space and time to move your body, and reset your mind.