It’s not an official thing for this year to be a year for self-care but it is my resolution. To practice self-care and to share and encourage self-care. It fits in with everything that my business offers, and the more I believe in the power and importance of self-care the more I want to tell everyone about it.

At the end of last year as Christmas arrived, work got busier, and general stress levels increased, I was again reminded of how much I need to pay attention to my self-care. I took my eye of the ball, and focused more on other things, and put my self-care to the bottom of the list. I was shattered, flat and overwhelmed AGAIN!

For the last three weeks I’ve been thinking how to write this post, what to write. As I have said plenty of times before I’m no expert in self-care, but I know what works for me and I have a passion to share this. Yesterday I went for a run, the furthest I’d been in ages (yay!). As I ran I listened to an audio book, The Yoga Mind. I listened to a chapter on Sankalpa. Cool word isn’t it! It became clear to me, how to start writing my blog again and how to write this post.



Sankalpa is a Sanskrit term that refers to a heartfelt desire, an intention, a seed that is sown in the mind. I liked this philosophy far more than our traditional New Year’s resolution that so often sets us up for failure at the start of each year. It’s more gentle, kinder, and not quite so iron clad!

Sankalpa is often an intention set by you, and directed to someone other than ourselves. Your Sankalpa can benefit you at the same time of course. So my intention to encourage self-care within my business aims to help others but closer to home, improving my self-care will benefit my inner circle. If I am in a better space emotionally, mentally and physically, I will be a better Mum, partner, daughter, sister and friend. The quote below is one that I use at the end of each retreat, a simple reminder of why self-care is so important.

Today I am taking care of myself, so that tomorrow I can take better care of the ones that I love


So my Sankalpa is set. What are your thoughts on this theory? The other great thing about a Sankalpa is it isn’t just for New Year, set them whenever you like!