Back in May I came across a brilliant podcast thanks to my yoga teacher. It’s simply called Power Hour and is presented by Adrienne Herbert. It is interesting, motivational, straight talking and a really good listen. The aim of the podcast is “getting to know other people’s processes to greatness”. She speaks with all sorts of people from all different backgrounds discovering their daily habits and their keys to achieving wellbeing and success. The Power Hour is, in my opinion, definitely worth a listen.


“I believe ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things”

– Adrienne Herbert


Since listening to the Power Hour I have established a clearer weekday morning routine, although my hour is more like 45 minutes, my “P45” certainly focuses me for the day. For me the power hour (or in my case, my P45) is another form of self-care, it keeps me grounded and calm, and again it’s about creating a routine that works for you.

My version of the power hour


My P45 is this…….

6am – Get up, fill kettle, drink glass of water (this used to make me feel sick, but actually I now really like it, it’s cleansing!)

6.10am – meditate.

6.20am – move – yoga. Nothing structured just tuning in to my body and moving however it feels good.

6.30am – write in my journal, with a cup of coffee and fresh air.

6.40am – plan my day.


For me this is a perfect way to start my day. It sets me up, creates a positive mindset and gives me clarity on the day ahead. It also gives me time to myself whilst the rest of the family are in bed or getting ready. It’s pretty blissful in actual fact!

I wonder if anyone else has P45 or power hour sometime during their day? If so what does yours involve? What time of day is your power hour? I’d love to know your ideas too. Share and inspire others!

Thanks for reading and please get involved! x