Today (I’m writing this on 22nd April) is Earth Day, an annual event to help tackle the problems affecting the environment, the planet, Earth. If you have missed the increased media attention on the plastic pollution of the World’s seas and the climate change issues, you must have been living off grid in a cave for some time because it’s everywhere. Climate change has been a hot topic of discussion for as long as I can remember.

For Earth Day today I posted a quote on Instagram from George Bernard Shaw.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

It’s simple, and so true isn’t it? It’s a quote that can be applied to any aspect of life.

Care for the planet and you

It dawned on me today that looking after the planet and looking after ourselves aren’t so different. Making small changes to our daily lives; how we live our lives can benefit our self-care and the care of the planet. They are two things that we, as individuals, are responsible for.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Protect our Species. Insects, birds, sealife, mammals and trees are all at risk of extinction; and the worse thing is that we are largely to blame. The link at the start of the paragraph is an interesting, frightening and sobering read, even a vital read.

This is where self-care and saving the planet cross over as it is widely reported and recognised that being outside in nature has a positive effect on mental health. Whether it’s in deep wooded countryside, a park in the middle of a bustling city or just in your small garden, it doesn’t matter. It’s reported that less and less people are connecting with nature. Silly when it’s a medicine right on our doorsteps.  Just taking the time to notice the birds, the scent of a flower, the changing colours with the changing season. Friends of the Earth state

for children and adults alike, daily contact with nature is linked to better health, less stress, better mood, reduced obesity – an amazing list of features no other product can ever match.

Nature and my self-care

Self-care is personal to each individual. In the last year or so, gardening has become something that I really enjoy because it makes me feel calm, mindful and gives me a sense of achievement, and I love being outside. Literally reaping what you sow…, vegetables, when it works its amazing!

It makes me feel sad and disgusted by what is happening to the planet. The horrendous pictures of turtles being caught in plastic, the plastic on the shores of beautiful coastlines. And how can bees be on the endangered species list? Making better choices at home and in the garden is a good place to start to make small improvements.

I’m no expert in the garden, it’s a learn on the job kind of thing (although I have two incredible role models in my Mum and Step-Dad, who are awesome in the garden!!), but here are a few things that I do.

  • Plant bee-friendly plants – lots of garden centres have a bee-friendly sticker on the plants to help you choose.
  • Have a compost heap – this provides fertile habitats for insects. Even though creepy crawlies might not be everyones cup of tea, they have a major role to play in nature; pollinating and pest control.
  • Provide large shrubs and bushes for birds to socialise in! Provide a nest box. Leave food for them in the winter. House sparrows, starlings and song thrush are all in decline.


The effect that human beings are having on the natural world is profound. Because we are out of touch with the natural world….most of us don’t see the effects.            Sir David Attenborough

Get back to nature, plant beautiful flowers and tasty veg, give the bees and the insects places to pollinate, work and live, enjoy the scent of the flowers, the taste and the healthy goodness of the veg. The result is positive steps to improve your mental health and physical health and positive steps towards helping save and care for our planet.

Thanks for reading x