I’ve been sitting here thinking what to write today because I know I haven’t written for ages. I’ve stopped and started, deleted, and typed again. I was reminded this week that is wasn’t meant to be a structured blog, I want it to be organic, writing when I had something to say! I’ve beaten myself up a bit because I haven’t posted for a while. But like with anxiety it’s ok not to be ok and it’s ok not to blog…..right? So here we go, lets see where this one goes!

Regular readers will know that yoga is one of my anxiety busters. The Autumn weather doesn’t allow me to take my yoga outside, so my next best thing which happened the other morning is candlelit yoga. Just me, my mat, my heart shaped candle holder and my diffuser wafting out the relaxing scent of Frankincense.


Focusing the mind, moving the body, listening to the body, stilling the anxious mind. Moving towards a more comforting, warming practice. Relaxation and meditation at the end definitely needs a blanket for the ultimate savasana as the season changes.

Although I’m practicing my yoga inside, I’m still appreciating the beauty of the Autumn colours outside. Judging by the number of leaves that I swept up today, Autumn has definitely arrived. It’s a good time to get out and practise mindfulness, particularly if your anxiety is testing you.  The fresh air, the colours of the leaves, the sound of the leaves as they crunch (or slip) under your feet.

Season changing yoga practices and mindfulness to keep my anxiety at bay.

Happy Autumn all x